Life With Irish Twins

By Caroline Williams, Guest Contributor Growing up I used to say that I wanted to have three kids and that two of them would be twins.  I thought it would actually be a possibility, because my grandmother had twins. So the gene is there, right?  It’s funny how things happen when you try to live … Continue reading Life With Irish Twins

The Edge of Glory (and Sanity)

By Christine, The Mom of a Teenager Parenting doesn't come with a manual. I'm pretty you figure that out the minute you lay eyes on your child(ren). There's always a different phase or stage that we journey through with our kids. Some are better than others. I thought that teaching my teen to drive was … Continue reading The Edge of Glory (and Sanity)

Number One

By Christine, The Mom of a Teenager Place your own oxygen mask on first, before helping others. It’s what flight attendants instruct us to do as they prepare passengers to take off. Have you ever stopped and thought about the importance of taking care of yourself before helping others around you? Since the beginning, I’ve … Continue reading Number One

Roots and Wings

By Christine, The Mom of a Teenager As my daughter's 18th birthday approaches I have found myself in a perpetual state of reflection.  It is safe to say that I've made it to the first finish line of parenthood! I have manage to successfully raise a legal young adult who is able to function (to a certain … Continue reading Roots and Wings

The Driver’s Seat

By Christine, The Mom of a Teenager We've all had those uncomfortable moments as parents. But, let me tell you...nothing, I mean NOTHING, can prepare you for the moment when you need to buckle up into the passengers seat as your teen takes the wheel for the first time. Silently read yourself your last rights, … Continue reading The Driver’s Seat