New Baby Plan

By Bre, The (Expectant) Toddler Mom As I write this post, I’m 13 weeks into my second pregnancy, and while I’m super excited about having a new little one join our family, I’m also working on a plan for making sure that my son doesn’t feel like his Mama’s abandoned him for another baby. From … Continue reading New Baby Plan

Postpartum Depression Explained

A note from the Editor: For the remainder of the week, we will be featuring blog posts from guest contributors to The Mommicles.  We are so excited to have additional perspectives and insights into parenthood brought to us by our Mommicles Community.  After this week, The Mommicles will be on a two week holiday break.  … Continue reading Postpartum Depression Explained

What’s up, Doc?

By Binah, The Expectant Mom Going to the doctors used to be an easy process for me. I’d schedule my appointments as needed (a.k.a whenever I felt sick, which was every 2-3 years). Now, going to the doctor has become the most anxiety provoking event of my life. It all began Labor Day weekend, Thursday … Continue reading What’s up, Doc?

The Mom Bod Snapback

By Kim, The New Mom We’ve all seen it before while scrolling our Instagram or Facebook pages. You know what I’m talking about. Those “snapback” pictures of new moms who seemingly went back to their pre-pregnancy bodies quicker than imaginable. And let's be honest, there are also the moms who simultaneously snapback into a level … Continue reading The Mom Bod Snapback

What They Didn’t Tell You During Sex Ed

By Binah, The Expectant Mom I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant and I’m learning a lot that I was never taught during sex ed class. I remember when I had to get a permission slip signed for sex ed class. Well I wasn’t allowed to go per my parents, so I forged their signatures. I’d always … Continue reading What They Didn’t Tell You During Sex Ed