New Baby Plan

By Bre, The (Expectant) Toddler Mom As I write this post, I’m 13 weeks into my second pregnancy, and while I’m super excited about having a new little one join our family, I’m also working on a plan for making sure that my son doesn’t feel like his Mama’s abandoned him for another baby. From … Continue reading New Baby Plan

Postpartum Depression Explained

A note from the Editor: For the remainder of the week, we will be featuring blog posts from guest contributors to The Mommicles.  We are so excited to have additional perspectives and insights into parenthood brought to us by our Mommicles Community.  After this week, The Mommicles will be on a two week holiday break.  … Continue reading Postpartum Depression Explained

Let it Go

By Zenitra, The Working Mom I returned home after a long weekend away just in time to clock into my second job.  The one where even if I’m off the first job, the absence of a refined of a vacation policy makes taking time off pretty difficult. It was mom time and afterschool pickup had … Continue reading Let it Go


By Bre, The Toddler Mom I finally figured it out, the thing that no one tells you about becoming a parent. The reason behind the “dark side” of parenting – other than having annoying theme songs stuck in your head. When you’re expecting everyone loves to throw bits of wisdom and advice at you. You … Continue reading Unrelenting

Losing My Luxurious Pregnancy Hair

By Kim, The New Mom I remember the day vividly. It was yet another anxious shower, complete with peeks from behind the shower curtain at our Motorola baby monitor to make sure that my sleeping 4 month old was in fact, still sleeping. He was resting so peacefully that I excitedly started to wash and … Continue reading Losing My Luxurious Pregnancy Hair