Sorry, Not Sorry

By Erika, The (Expectant) Bonus Mom Hey everyone!  After a 1Q2019 hiatus, I'm so excited that The Mommicles is back! I know it's been a minute since you've heard from us. And, in a past life, I would probably apologize for that.  But today, I'm not.  Here's why.  I'm not sorry. Let me explain.  At … Continue reading Sorry, Not Sorry


Life With Irish Twins

By Caroline Williams, Guest Contributor Growing up I used to say that I wanted to have three kids and that two of them would be twins.  I thought it would actually be a possibility, because my grandmother had twins. So the gene is there, right?  It’s funny how things happen when you try to live … Continue reading Life With Irish Twins

They’re Not Your Real Kids (and Other Dumb Things People Say)

By Erika, The Bonus Mom I’m a step parent.  I know that.  I knew that being step parent was a very real possibility when Roger and I started dating.  In fact, that was his deal breaker when we first started to talk about being more than friends.  If I thought, for any reason at all, … Continue reading They’re Not Your Real Kids (and Other Dumb Things People Say)

What’s the Real Risk?

By Melanie, The Multiracial Mom The playground – one of the places where kids are free to be kids, right? Well, when I was a brand new mom, playgrounds made me nervous. Not only did I want to bubble wrap my child and protect them from any physical harm, like any new parent, but I … Continue reading What’s the Real Risk?


By Erika, The Bonus Mom I never thought much about traditions until I was about to get married.  Then, and my poor husband can attest, I wanted everything to be a tradition. It actually became this weird obsession of mine. "this could be a tradition or this" I would excitedly say about just about anything.  Exasperated one … Continue reading Traditions