Make it Work

By Erika, The (Expectant) Bonus Mom Any Project Runway lovers out there might recognize Tim Gunn's famous phrase "make it work." He often said this to designers during crunch time - when they had to finish their garments ahead of a runway presentation.  This phrase is a signal to the designers that it is "go" time; … Continue reading Make it Work

Sorry, Not Sorry

By Erika, The (Expectant) Bonus Mom Hey everyone!  After a 1Q2019 hiatus, I'm so excited that The Mommicles is back! I know it's been a minute since you've heard from us. And, in a past life, I would probably apologize for that.  But today, I'm not.  Here's why.  I'm not sorry. Let me explain.  At … Continue reading Sorry, Not Sorry

Life With Irish Twins

By Caroline Williams, Guest Contributor Growing up I used to say that I wanted to have three kids and that two of them would be twins.  I thought it would actually be a possibility, because my grandmother had twins. So the gene is there, right?  It’s funny how things happen when you try to live … Continue reading Life With Irish Twins

They’re Not Your Real Kids (and Other Dumb Things People Say)

By Erika, The Bonus Mom I’m a step parent.  I know that.  I knew that being step parent was a very real possibility when Roger and I started dating.  In fact, that was his deal breaker when we first started to talk about being more than friends.  If I thought, for any reason at all, … Continue reading They’re Not Your Real Kids (and Other Dumb Things People Say)

What’s the Real Risk?

By Melanie, The Multiracial Mom The playground – one of the places where kids are free to be kids, right? Well, when I was a brand new mom, playgrounds made me nervous. Not only did I want to bubble wrap my child and protect them from any physical harm, like any new parent, but I … Continue reading What’s the Real Risk?