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Erika Cartledge, The Bonus Mom

“Those are my monkeys and this is definitely my circus!”

Hi everyone and welcome to Mommicles: The Momma Chronicles! I’m the one with the crazy idea to start this blog about my adventures in bonus parenting. I just so happened to find a few friends who were crazy enough to join me in blogging about their journey’s in motherhood.  This all started a few summers ago when I began chronicling my “Camp TT” (a one to two week span each summer where my niece and two nephews would stay with me) adventures on Facebook via my “Captain’s Log” series. When I got married in March 2018, I began to pen the “Captian’s Log, Momma Chronicles” about my adventures in parenting my two (bonus) children. Bonus motherhood has been equal parts hilarious, fulfilling, and downright hard – and I figured there were a ton of women who could relate.  Each momma (and papa) brings her own unique voice, experience, and perspective to the blog – which is exactly what makes this such a fun destination.  When I’m not sharing the shenanigans of Londyn and Roger (my kids), I’m working as a Major Gifts Director of a private, independent school by day and an entrepreneur by night.  I always make time to love on my husband and family, read, and watch way too much reality TV (not proud of that).  I hope you enjoy the Mommicles!

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Serrano Barnes, The Dad Squad

Serrano J. Barnes is a husband to his beautiful wife Ama and father of two handsome boys, Awire and Annon. Born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I took my sunny Midwest flare to Howard University. Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA where I’m a Grand Chef, make The Got Damn Sauce, curate events and dabble in various other fields that pique my interest. I’m trying to navigate fatherhood in a way that was not awarded to me. I’m Also in a place where black erasure is real, and raising two boys to understand that they are important in such a place that can seem very unwavering to black males. I lead with love, honesty and believe in being firm, fair and consistent while also being a role model on how to love a woman. I don’t have all the answers…but I also know that no one really ever does! P. S. I’m bout them Thrones too…. #talesfromtheDADside #DadGangBangBang

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Zenitra Barrett, The Working Mom

“I was a much better parent before I had kids!”

Zenitra is a mom of two beautiful children and her kids mean the world to her, but they are not her world! A true corporate mom, she serves as the Chief Human Resource Officer of the family specializing in the personal and professional development of her children.  But don’t get it twisted, she along with Sway does NOT have all the answers!  She knows that there is no exact science to parenting and that even in the same household, each child may require a different approach.  Talk about hard work…whew!

Originally from Monroe, North Carolina and now residing in Brooklyn, New York, her parenting style is a blend of tree climbing free range and urban astute unconditional love.  This means that she sometimes feels like a substitute teacher in her own home and often uses humor to regain control of the asylum.  She is equally committed to exploring and developing the gifts, talents, and abilities of her kids just as she is her very own.  When she’s not developing sales strategies for corporate clients or coaching executives on leadership development, you can find her stressing over healthy meal options that her kids will ultimately reject. 😉

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Bre Barton, The Toddler Mom

“Wait… what was I doing? Damn, give me a minute”

Hi! I’m so happy to be part of this amazing group of Mamas! I got started in this two ways. 1)Erika and I did the 3 Day Walk for the Cure together almost 10 years ago and have kept in touch since, and 2) Because of my “Observations of a New Mum” posts on Facebook. My husband, Matt, and I walked the hard road of infertility and IVF before we were blessed with our wonderful son Jack in July 2017 (how is he one already!??? Sniff… sniff….) Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah! By day I’m an HR Professional for an International Pharmaceutical company, and by night I’m a mama, wife, and insanely busy person who’s just trying to keep her s**t together (How are you hungry again?? You just had supper 5 minutes ago?? And where did all this laundry come from??!!)… Somewhere in there I find time to keep up with my Netflix and my reading (I love books!). My view is honest with a little sass and humor mixed in from the first-time mama. Thanks for checking us out 😊

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Christine Camper, The Mom of a Teenager

“Recovering Super Mom”

My parenting style has evolved into free range with a side of helicopter.  Soon to be empty nester. Dedicated a majority of the past 17 years to planting roots and teaching my “only” to spread her wings. I now know exactly why animals eat their young!

I am always searching for peace and serenity.  Boat days, good food and traveling are a few of my favorite things. Yoga, coffee, the theater & spa are where it’s at. I dream of one day embrasing a minimalistic lifestyle. The next phase, a beachside bungallo living happily every after with my husand of (almost) 21 years. {A girl can dream, can’t she?} The husband though, he’s not a dream, he’s reality!

I’m here to share my ‘wise mom’ wisdom, provide a glimpse into our life & re-tell stories. Hopefully you’ll laugh, maybe you’ll cry (with me), who knows, you might even be inspired.

I recently read this quote: “If you feel crazy then you’re doing it right.”

Well then…

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W. Roger Cartledge, The Dad Squad

Roger here, a born and raised DMV guy full of jokes with a big heart. I went to the Real HU where I became an Alpha Chapter Que. I am the proud father of two awesome children – Londyn and Roger, am constantly told what to wear by my wife Erika, hate being disturbed during Game of Thrones, and love classic muscle cars.  Parenting from a man’s perspective is totally different and I’m basically here to make sure the ladies give us dudes a fair shot.  I’m navigating this co-parenting and blended family journey and some days are easier than others.  You can definitely count of me to be a straight shooter about this Dad life, which I approach with realistic expectations and a sense of humor.

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Kim Francisco, The New Mom

“Conquering motherhood one blowout diaper at a time”

In January 2018 my husband and I became parents to the funniest and most spunky little boy. Nathan has quickly filled our lives with a lot of action, and made us realize in so many ways that we really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. As a major Type A planner organizer its safe to say that motherhood is teaching me how to pick and choose what to obsess over. That leaves me with being a sometimes crunchy naturalista and sometimes exhausted convenience seeker (lets add sleep seeker to that too). I am a Controller by day crunching numbers for a government entity and when I’m not pureeing baby food and chasing my little crawler, I like to scrapbook and enjoy a good movie. I believe that just like every child is different, every mom is different too, and I’m happy to share my experiences as I journey through first time momming.

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Binah Jean-Louis, The Expectant Mom

“Telling it like it really is. Call me Mommy Realest”

Binah is a Floridian by-way of New Jersey currently residing in Philadelphia. She attended Howard University for three years before transferring to Florida International University where she obtained her bachelor’s of science majoring in Psychology. After several years of enjoying life on South Beach and Ft. Lauderdale beach, Binah obtained her master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University. As an expecting mommy-to-be she has realized that everything she was educated on is nothing when compared to reality. “ I know that my body was created for bring life into this world and now the journey of getting my mind prepared begins. I am overly excited for this new journey and I can’t wait to meet my Sweet Pea, Ariah.”

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Hopie Welles Jernagan, The Mom of Three

“Some day soon I’ll get it together.”

Somehow I survived being a middle child, so I figured, why not have three kids of my own?

Most of the time, I feel like parenting three kids is a kind of hilarious, terrifying, theme park ride that we are strapped in to for life. I try to find the humor in just about everything, and have a hard time holding back laughter at times when I should be firm. I’ve also survived post-partum depression three times over. In the time that I’ve become a mom, I’ve lost some very important people in my life, including one of my own siblings. I try to be honest with my kids, showing them that life is never free of sorrow and suffering, but also that deep and abiding joy is theirs for the keeping.

My husband and I are both ordained Episcopal priests in St. Louis, MO. In my professional life, I’ve been a school chaplain, teacher, and nonprofit executive.

When I’m not in the middle of breaking up a fight, you can find me writing, reading, lifting weights, or finding excuses to drink more coffee. I’ve recently fallen head-over-heels in love with cooking. Looking forward to sharing my thoughts on humor, faith, love, and sheer survival.

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Melanie Richter, The Multiracial Mom

Melanie is a mom of two energetic and caring elementary school-age boys. Her journey to motherhood had its share of twists and turns, but she doesn’t complain because in the end, she was able to adopt both of them at birth and feels lucky that she gets to help raise such awesome kids. Now, her focus is on getting these multicultural, multiracial brothers – one Black/White (but “looks Black”) and the other Black/White/Puerto Rican (but “looks White”) – raised in a way that supports their growth as men, maintains their closeness as brothers, honors their heritage, makes them aware of issues around social justice/right-from-wrong/caring for your fellow human yet lets them “just be kids” for as long as possible. Melanie is Black and her husband is White/Puerto Rican, and they’re doing the best that they can!

While she’s traveled the world for work and for fun, Melanie’s home base has always been Philadelphia, PA. Born and raised in Southwest Philadelphia, she now works in fundraising for a nonprofit in Philly and resides in East Lansdowne, PA with the love of her life, Cody, the boys, and the family dog.


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Jennifer Wagner, The Stay-at-Home Mom (SAHM)

“Just a Stay-At-Home-Mama who doesn’t fit the bill but wouldn’t change a thing!”

Bio coming soon!