My Little Pony, Trying a Bologna

By Serrano, The Dad Squad We are in a redefining role. New dads [are consciously] teaching our sons to like what they want; and, that’s cool. I was raised off the "boys wear blue and girls wear pink" rules.  Luckily, Cam’ron came through with the Pink Range Rover and our lives have never been the … Continue reading My Little Pony, Trying a Bologna

Stuntin’ Like Their Daddy

By Serrano, The Dad Squad I never thought the influence would be so real. I mean, my pop was around, I saw him almost daily. I don’t recall this level of mirroring that I witness with my two sons. Like, maybe I have to check with my mom; but, I cannot recall too many times … Continue reading Stuntin’ Like Their Daddy

Reverse Psychology

By Serrano, The Dad Squad Fatherhood is weird bruh. It’s like the greatest worst situation to be in. Like I love my sons, but I also like to kick it with my bro’s every once in a while til’ 3 a.m. That means nothing to my 4 and 15 month old. They still will mosey … Continue reading Reverse Psychology