Sorry, Not Sorry

Erika Headshot (1)By Erika, The (Expectant) Bonus Mom

Hey everyone!  After a 1Q2019 hiatus, I’m so excited that The Mommicles is back! I know it’s been a minute since you’ve heard from us. And, in a past life, I would probably apologize for that.  But today, I’m not.  Here’s why.  I’m not sorry.IMG_8494

Let me explain.  At the end of 2018, I made a decision to actually engage in REAL self care.  Not just manicures and hair appointments and spa days. But the actual WORK of self care.  And, for me – that meant ridding myself of every single obligation that was not work, working out, or a commitment to my immediate (husband and kids) family.  I cleared my entire schedule.  Declined many invitations to social events I never wanted to go to anyway.  I said “no.” A LOT.  I also made the decision not to run The Mommicles or my fashion and lifestyle blog, Your Chic is Showing.  I spent the month of January on a 30-day social media fast.  I wiped my slate entirely clean.


And then, I rested. I refreshed. I spent time with my kids. And husband. I did what I wanted to do, not what I felt obligated to do. I spent time working through some things with my therapist. I worked out. We started visiting a new church that we really enjoy.  I took workshops, read books, visited with friends. I cared for myself in a way that I hadn’t in a long time. I connected with a fed my soul. I moved through life where and how I wanted to. I felt good. (Well, not that good because my break coincided with my first trimester or pregnancy – but that’s another blog post for another day!)


After all of that, I decided what to add back to my plate and what should be gone forever.  Which brings us here.  Back to The Mommicles. To the things I want to do and am excited to do.


So yes, we’ve been away. But no, I’m not sorry about it.  Besides, it doesn’t matter.  We’re back and better than ever!


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