The Mom Bod Snapback

Kim HeadshotBy Kim, The New Mom

We’ve all seen it before while scrolling our Instagram or Facebook pages. You know what I’m talking about. Those “snapback” pictures of new moms who seemingly went back to their pre-pregnancy bodies quicker than imaginable. And let’s be honest, there are also the moms who simultaneously snapback into a level of stylishness that I can’t relate to. I’ve been to the actual gym exactly three times since my son was born, and my love for yoga pants and soft cotton t-shirts is at a record high. Who are these snapback Louboutin moms? Are they lugging carseats around in their stilettos? Did they have tummy tucks simultaneously with their c-section?


During my pregnancy I was lucky to have only gained about 16 pounds. The stress and anxiety that I faced in the early days of momming had me down 25 pounds at about 3 weeks postpartum, but that was NOT because I was doing Jillian Michaels routines in my basement, it was because I was wasn’t eating or sleeping properly. As I started to get a better handle on things, that extra 10 pounds that I had lost came right back on, so in a way I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight – but I still didn’t look or feel the same. The number on the scale does not do anything for the loose belly skin, which nobody had prepared me for at all.   

In talking with a few of my close mom friends, we agreed that sometimes it can seem like instead of trying to inspire others, some of these “snapback moms” are really just boasting. That’s not to take away from anyone’s hard work, but only to acknowledge that everyone’s journey is different. Everyone’s lifestyle is different too. My workouts sometimes happen at lunchtime with a few coworkers when I don’t have afternoon meetings (because post-workout hair is UGH) but they are more often just plain ole’ walks through the neighborhood with Nathan strapped into his carrier. Right now, that’s the best I can do with my schedule and I’m happy when I fit it in.

Being the best mom has to include caring for yourself and feeling good about yourself. It’s admittedly so easy to fall into the habit of putting yourself last, especially when you’ve got this new and incredibly precious little life to care for. Finding balance is key, and I know as good as anyone, that finding balance can also take time. There can be ebbs and flows too – times where you make huge strides and times when you just maintain. I think this is normal, and while we all deep down want to be the MILFs that we have idealized in our own heads, we can offer ourselves some grace along the way. After all, if Beyonce can claim her FUPA I can certainly claim mine.

“To this day my arms, shoulders, breasts, and thighs are fuller. I have a little mommy pouch, and I’m in no rush to get rid of it. I think it’s real. Whenever I’m ready to get a six-pack, I will go into beast zone and work my ass off until I have it. But right now, my little FUPA and I feel like we are meant to be.”


4 thoughts on “The Mom Bod Snapback

  1. Bravo! Though I wanted to look nice during the postpartum phase, I was too preoccupied with my lil human that, my tummy became the least of my worries! Sleep vs exercise? Sleep won every single time! Lol


  2. After my first, I was disappointed in myself. Questioning what I did wrong to gain 80 pounds during the pregnancy. After my second, I vowed to be healthier. I found out so far that I had extreme diastsis recti and an umbilical hernia. Now I’m taking care of two kids, 45 extra pounds, and a will to be healthier. I rotate physical therapy, and “me time” into my life, and it makes a huge difference. Like you said, the accomplishment of having a healthy baby and growing a healthy person is the focus and not the will to post sexy pics on IG. Thank you for sharing!!


  3. Getting in that “me time” is so difficult but also so important. And as you point out there’s a dozen or more things that can contribute to pregnancy weight gain and pose obstacles postpartum (besides exhaustion, sleep deprivation, mom guilt, stress and anxiety….hello!).


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