Like Jordan Coming Out of Retirement

By Roger, The Dad Squad

Roger HeadshotSo . . . we have two kids, ages 8 (Londyn) and 9 (Roger), from my first marriage. Now that I’m happily in my second marriage we will eventually try (read: try A LOT) for another child that would be our first together. I would never deny my wife the blessing that is having a child. BUT, is there some anxiety on my part? Hell yeah!!

Yes, I have done it before, but I have to get back in mental shape. First of all, the current two walk, talk, bathe and are pretty independent.  So the thought of diapers, strollers, carseats, etc. – a reality with which I hopefully will soon be reacquainted – is a little overwhelming.  Babies are different. Right now, mornings just mean moving Roger and Londyn along, mostly unsupervised. But newborns are fully dependent. Children are a huge responsibility and being a parent is something you will never get 100% right; but, with each chance you can do it better.


Michael Jordan played basketball for years. Once he retired, to play baseball, and then came back to basketball he wasn’t the same initially. It took some time before he got his swag back and went on to win three more championships. That’s how I will approach being a parent to a newborn again; a few stumbles in the beginning but, overall, another healthy child on their way to adulthood.


Another interesting thing about our “Jordan Baby” is that there will be so many moments I will get to share with my new wife. Our kids live in Jacksonville, FL with their mom most of the year and they have done so since they were little. Roger and Londyn were also born back-to-back  So some milestones, like the potty training and other firsts, I had to experience from afar. FaceTime and pictures are great but they are nothing like being there. Getting a chance to be there in person through all of our firsts, and lasts, is something I am truly looking forward to. The learning milestones, family trips, and random questions are all things I am excited to experience again; and, for some milestones, the very first time.

To sum it all up, this Dad is  looking forward to getting back out there on the court of Dad Life. I’m going to have to work out the kinks, stumble a little, and get back in full Dad shape. Once our “Jordan Baby” is here there are #nodaysoff.  I’m looking forward to loving a new baby and continuing to love my wife, Londyn and Roger. I’m trying my hardest to make us the Dream Team.  Luckily, the new baby will catch all this Dad knowledge thanks to his or her older siblings. Whenever our “Jordan Baby” gets here, we will ALL be learning together.  I will be tired from no sleep, wet from carrying car seats in the rain, and covered in baby body fluids but, I will finish like Jordan in the “Flu” game.

Threepeat Coming Soon!


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