What They Didn’t Tell You During Sex Ed

Binah HeadshotBy Binah, The Expectant Mom

I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant and I’m learning a lot that I was never taught during sex ed class. I remember when I had to get a permission slip signed for sex ed class. Well I wasn’t allowed to go per my parents, so I forged their signatures. I’d always sit in the back of the classroom with my best friend and a few of the guys and chuckle as the nervous instructor told us all about the diseases that occur when you don’t practice safe sex. And of course they would teach us about fertilization; however, I don’t recall learning anything after that part.

Well, as an expecting mom, now I’m learning a lot of what was not taught.

Lets start with the bodily pain. One day I had a flat tummy and what looked like two abs, and then out of no where a bump formed. It was cute as first and then the pain started. It felt as though someone was stretching my stomach from the inside. It’s the type of pain you want to take a Percocet and sleep away but you can’t because narcotics are prohibited during pregnancy. Side Note: I soon learned a lot of things are prohibited during pregnancy. Yet another thing they don’t teach you during sex ed class.


Another odd thing that they don’t teach you about is your new appetite. Some woman eat any and everything. Well there are also a group of woman, like myself, that find eating to be very difficult. Not because you are not hungry, but because now your taste buds no longer exist due to the fact that the baby eats what he or she likes. In my case, my child is a picky eater and won’t allow me to indulge in my favorite foods or any foods that contain seasoning.

And then there is the acid reflux and heartburn. All of which feel ten times worse due to the fact that the baby is making room for him or herself and will make it a priority to make sure you know it.

And lastly is the constant burping and farting. At this point I no longer even notice I burp mid-sentence unless someone tells me. As my body is changing and making room to create my little princess, many of my organ shift positions and my muscles relax due to increased progesterone which causes this constant gas and bloating.

I know there are more unexpected things to come and maybe I just wasn’t paying attention during sex ed class, but this journey is definitely not what everyone tells you about. I’m that mom that will tell you all the unexpected and gross things to come as it happens to me.

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