The Driver’s Seat

Christine HeadshotBy Christine, The Mom of a Teenager

We’ve all had those uncomfortable moments as parents. But, let me tell you…nothing, I mean NOTHING, can prepare you for the moment when you need to buckle up into the passengers seat as your teen takes the wheel for the first time. Silently read yourself your last rights, it’s  about to go down.

(At least that’s how I saw it.)

Cars will be whipping by, but you’ll encourage your teen to keep pace and worry about themselves. You’ll envision your new driver taking down side mirrors, one by one, to every single parked car that you pass. You’ll shout out loud, “Don’t forget about those pedestrians, those live humans walking across the street, minding their business. Don’t end it for them.” Internally, you’ll feel as if you’re the ball in pin ball machine. You’ll shake and sweat and your adrenaline will get pumping. This feeling will exhaust you. If it doesn’t, you’re not human. When things get really tough and you feel like you might crumble, bite your tongue and hold on to you oh $#^% handle while you simultaneously press REALLY hard on your invisible break. It will be instinctual, you’ll know exactly where to find them.

Christine and Marissa

When you stop at a light, glimpse at sweet child, who’s hands will be  perfectly placed on 10 and 2 . They will be cruising along, cool as a cucumber. They will remind you on several occasions that you need to chill and that something is in fact wrong with you. You will check yourself and question reality. They know that they have to stay to the right and not get too close and look and break and watch out. Yes, they see them. Before reaching your destination they might jump a curb, but they will ease your worries as you will be reminded, “Its fine.”  After 6 months, you might not have any tires, but, its fine.

Sometimes you’ll feel like you can’t do it. Or, you don’t know how you’ll survive. You’ll wonder if there’s enough time to teach them all they need to know to safely navigate without your crazy self by their side.

But then you’ll remember, Jesus is going to take the wheel.

So, you’re all good. You’ve gotten to this point.

Keep going….

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