Losing My Luxurious Pregnancy Hair

Kim HeadshotBy Kim, The New Mom

I remember the day vividly. It was yet another anxious shower, complete with peeks from behind the shower curtain at our Motorola baby monitor to make sure that my sleeping 4 month old was in fact, still sleeping. He was resting so peacefully that I excitedly started to wash and condition my hair. I lathered up my shampoo and worked in a little scalp massage. Life in that moment was good!  Then, just as I started to rinse I found myself pulling long loose strands of hair from my head. This was not the usual couple of strands, this was much more. My hair was falling out!

Immediately, I recalled complimenting a friend on how amazing her hair looked after recently having her second baby, and she told me, “I’m holding onto it for as long as I can”. It did not resonate with me then, but she was subtly trying to warn me about postpartum hair loss. Like most, I enjoyed the extra hair length and fullness from being pregnant. Finally, my normally limp hair was bouncing and swaying like I had just stepped out of a Pantene commercial. If you have to deal with morning sickness, uncomfortable sleeping positions and indigestion you should at least have beautiful bouncy hair to compensate, right? I guess some part of me knew that things would eventually go back to normal but I was in denial until that fateful morning in the shower.

After searching google for magical pills, potions and serums to halt my hair loss I was exhausted. Yes, there are pills, potions and serums but the more I read the more it sounded like these probably had overstated claims and I just needed to accept that this was part of the process. While not all moms will experience hair shedding, up to 90% of moms will encounter some form of this following their pregnancies. I also learned that the timing of the hair loss can also vary a lot from mom to mom, ranging from just a few months postpartum, to a whole year later. (I do really wish that I had been in the one year club.) Ultimately, I put on my big girl panties and invested in a shower drain hair catcher that I found on Amazon. I decided to be patient with my hair shedding and find some consolation in knowing that millions of moms are dealing with the same exact thing.  What I found is that as time goes on the hair does come back. It may not be the bouncy pregnancy hair that I reveled in, but like all things along this motherhood journey, it gets better with time.

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