Welcome to the Jungle

By Erika, The Bonus Mom

“In the jungle, welcome to the jungle / Watch it bring you to your knees / I’m gonna watch you bleed” — Guns N’ Roses

I’m a new mom.  Not a mom of a baby; I’m new to parenting.  I’m a new bonus mom.  When my husband and I got serious, and I knew marriage was going to happen, I began to read a number of books on blended families, on bonus parenting, on parenting in general.  They all should have just quoted “Welcome to the Jungle” and told me parenting would simply bring me to my knees.  Sometimes, I’m on my knees because the kids won that round (they won’t win the war).  Sometimes, I’m on my knees to get on their level.  Sometimes, I’m on my knees from laughing with our children.

Every day, I’m on my knees praying for our family – our messy, complicated, blended, unique, awesome big little family.

The Mommicles was born out of my new adventures in parenting.  And some old adventures in practice parenting with my niece and nephews.  I’ve been documenting my adventures in parenthood and faux-parenthood for the past few summers – first, adventures in Camp TT (a one or two-week span where my brother’s children would stay with me . . . ALONE!!) and then the Momma Chronicles whenever I would get to be with our own two awesome kids, including my first summer as their bonus mom.  The Momma Chronicles, now Mommicles, are simply my real-life experience in bonus motherhood.  Some days are easier than others. Some are funnier.  Some are harder.  And, as I started to share my adventures and perspective, a LOT of other Mommas (and Poppas) shared theirs with me.  Sometimes, just a text to say “you got this!” Other times, a DM to share an equally hilarious or miserable experience.  The one thing I have learned as a new parent is that parenthood is super diverse and super relatable all at the same time!

So, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite parent friends – ALL with a different and diverse perspective on parenthood – to help me in creating the Mommicles.  None of us are one-dimensional, so even though we have a primary perspective we will write from (i.e. The Bonus Mom, The New Mom, The Mom of a Teen), we will ALL have additional perspectives to share (The Adoptive Mom, the Stay-at-Home Mom, the Working Mom).

I’m (we’re) very grateful that you’re here to share with us in this community.  Thank you so much for joining us on this ride!


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