Welcome to Mommicles: The Momma Chronicles

Mommicles CollectiveWelcome to Mommicles: The Momma Chronicles.  We are a group of Mommas (with a few Poppas thrown in) sharing diverse perspectives on parenting and motherhood, all while trying to raise decent human beings.

Mommicles: The Momma Chronicles all started a few summers ago when I began chronicling my Camp TT adventures on Facebook via my “Captain’s Log” series.  Camp TT is a two(ish) week span each summer where my niece and two nephews would stay with me and I got a taste of parenthood (albeit a very small taste, where I could give the kids back) .  When I got married in March 2018, I began to pen the “Captian’s Log, Momma Chronicles” about my adventures in parenting my two (bonus) children, Londyn and Roger. Bonus motherhood has been equal parts hilarious, fulfilling, and downright hard – and I figured there were a ton of women who could relate.  Each Momma (and Poppa) brings her own unique voice, experience, and perspective to the blog – which is exactly what makes this such a fun destination.

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Happy Parenting!
Erika + The Mommicles Squad